Renewable energies

Renewable energies

Atyx is a solid partner in the design and implementation of major renewable energy production projects in France and abroad. Wind energy, solar energy, marine energy, energy recovery units.

Our expertise

  • Wind power

    Technical assistance capacity at all stages of a wind farm project. From digging the foundations - civil engineering - through to assembly, installation, start-up and finally maintenance of these facilities.

  • Photovoltaic / Solar power

    Participation in solar farm projects, in design and costing as well as construction, commissioning and maintenance. Our projects are mainly international, and especially in Africa where construction of solar power plants is on the increase.

  • Renewable marine energies

    Studies, installation and commissioning for marine turbine projects.

  • Biomass

    Design, development and construction of combined heat and power biomass plants (wood, anaerobic digestion...)

  • Geothermal energy

    Development of geothermal power plants throughout the world.

Wind power
Photovoltaic / Solar power
Renewable marine energies
Geothermal energy

Renewable energies

Examples of projects

Discover some major projects we have worked on.

  • Bois Chardon wind farm in the Creuse - France

    Bois Chardon wind farm in the Creuse - France

    Installation of 10 wind turbines for production of 22 MW for the entire farm. Annual production of 50 million kWh. We have brought in an associate for the excavation, road and utilities and civil engineering work. And also to participate in network connection at the end of the project.

  • Savane des Pères Solar power station - French Guiana

    Savane des Pères Solar power station - French Guiana

    2.6MW solar power plant associated with a storage system. Assistance in monitoring construction, earthwork, structural assembly, installation of photovoltaic panels, connection and finally commissioning of the power plant.

  • Gitega Solar Farm - Burundi

    Savane des Pères Solar power station - French Guiana

    Project management support and team management for construction of the Gitega solar power station. Our consultant, as Project Manager, is responsible for the planning, budget and overall construction of this 7.5MW solar power plant.

Deputy site manager in Albania

Atyx brings “strong added value in terms of structuring and steering planning, for both the project and the site, the implementation and improvement of the management dashboards”.

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