Urban infrastructures & development

Urban infrastructures & development

Atyx supports the completion of major urban infrastructures and development projects throughout the world.

Our expertise

  • Electrical transmission and distribution

    We have developed a centre of expertise in the design, assembly and commissioning of high voltage electrical infrastructure. Our know-how concerns GIS (gas insulated substations), AIS (air-insulated substations), as well as HV/MV overhead lines. We are also present on many HVDC interconnection projects.
    Our experts are active in equipment assembly, and also in the civil engineering, support and utilities.

  • Building

    Collaboration in building construction projects (housing, functional structures, offices, airports, head offices...) on the contracting owner side, project management and as construction company.

  • Linear infrastructure

    Support for the largest linear infrastructure projects (rail, high-speed rail, metro, tram) in France and around the world.

  • Road infrastructure

    Construction projects for roads, motorways and expansion and modification of existing infrastructures in France and abroad.

  • Engineering structures

    Contribution of our technical expertise to the development of complex engineering structures (bridges, viaducts, dams, tunnels...) throughout the world.

  • Urban development

    Contribution to the modernisation and development of urban landscapes (busways, roads and utilities, dry and wet networks, fibre optics...)

Electrical transmission and distribution
Linear infrastructure
Road infrastructure
Engineering structures
Urban development

Urban infrastructures & development

Examples of projects

Discover some major projects we have worked on.

  • Grand Paris - France

    Grand Paris - France

    Grand Paris is one of the largest infrastructure projects in France. We are participating in the study and work phases for the extension of the current metro lines, the creation of 4 new lines as well as the creation of new stations. This monumental project makes use of several of our consultants in different areas (project design, construction management, document control, scheduling and coordination…).

  • Port of Calais - France

    Port of Calais

    Calais is the leading French port and the second largest European passenger port. We have taken part in the modernisation and extension of the port at sea. Our consultants worked on the execution studies phase, particularly on methods and preparation for the maritime work.

  • FIL project - France-Italy electrical interconnection

    FIL project - France-Italy electrical interconnection

    Project for the construction of an electrical interconnection between France and Italy. This DC power link, the longest in the world, integrates with existing road infrastructure. It thus preserves the quality of the Savoie landscapes and contributes to the local economic dynamic. It is another step towards construction of the European electrical grid.

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